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2006.10.25, Wednesday

Trends in Currency

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K12’s Science Curriculum: A Step

Ahead of Traditional Education

You have probably heard
that the International Astronomers Union recently voted to change
Pluto’s status as a planet. This also changes lessons about our solar
system — the old textbooks are now wrong!

jumped into action to make sure our students have the most up-to-date
science lessons. We have already updated our online courses in all
grades to reflect Pluto’s new status as a “dwarf planet.” We’re proud
to be one of the first education companies to make the change! Read
more about the changes to our science program here.

Further Reference

K12 Press Release

K12 Inc. Completes Modifications in Science Curriculum to Reflect Pluto’s New Status

K12 Community Chest: Bror’s Blog

Pluto – planet demotion and curriculum demonstration

K12: Pluto Designation Change – K12 Inc. Home school programs, virtual academy schools, elementary and high school education, alternative schooling, math, science and more

2006.10.12, Thursday

Recreational Reading

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There are some products of authorship that I’d like to take the time to point you toward, if I may. (more…)

2006.10.11, Wednesday

Daaaa-aaad! What’s for Dinner?

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I like cooking for a family the size of ours, particularly when everyone can get on the same page and decide what they want for whatever meal I happen to be concocting at the time. There are, of course, certain times when it’s a drudge; either because it seems like it’s not appreciated by certain wee-ones, or some grouping (clumping, really) of the wee-ones gets the idea that I’m supposed to be wearing a short-order cook’s hat and ringing a bell… (more…)

2006.10.08, Sunday

A 130+ IQ Should be Requisite for Computer Purchases…

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Yes, they warned us. As soon as Linux becomes so easy to install that an idiot could do it…they will. Then they’ll come looking for US. Behold and weep. (more…)

2006.10.04, Wednesday

There Are No Words…

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There has to be a God, for it is not possible that evil like this could go unpunished.

2006.09.28, Thursday

From Afar…

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Hello, My Dear. (more…)

2006.09.15, Friday

Once Upon a Time…

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…I thought a co-worker to be the biggest, most selfish, coward a person could possibly be. I still do. (more…)

2006.09.13, Wednesday

The 50th Anniversary of the IBM RAMAC 305

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Hard drive technology passed the 50-year mark today. (more…)

2006.09.11, Monday

It’s Already Been Said

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On a day like today, one remembers where one was when he or she learned that the world possess the kind of evil–crouched cowardly and hypocritically behind false religious rantings–that takes delight in the murder of unarmed civilians.

Such perpetrators–indeed, Bin Laden, himself–are the most cowardly among the lowest of cowards. (more…)

2006.09.10, Sunday

Keeping An Eye On Things

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It’s a parent’s job… (more…)

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